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Philippines has Slowest Internet Connection in Southeast Asia

Written By Roi Plata on Wednesday, April 23, 2014 | 3:28 AM

Philippine has an average internet speed of 3.54 megabits per second according to ASEAN DNA that shows that the country has slowest internet connection in the whole Association of South East Asian Nations.

Despite being regarded as the social media capital of the world, the Philippines has the slowest internet speed in the entire Southeast Asian region and is ranked 158th out of 190 countries worldwide. -
Singapore has the fastest internet speed with 61.0 megabits per second followed by Japan that has 41.7 megabits per second. The report showed that the avereage internet speed for ASEAN regions is 12.5 Mbps, which is four times faster that the current internet speed of the Philippines. 

Other ASEAN nations that did not reach the Asean average internet speed are Laos(4.0 Mbps), Indonesia(4.1 Mbps), Brunei and Myanmar(4.9 Mbps) Malaysia(5.5 Mbps) and Cambodia(5.7 Mbps). While Vietnam(13.1 Mbps) reach the above average for Asean Average Internet Speed.

ASEAN nations that reach or above Average Global Internet Speed which is 17.5 Mbps are Thailand(17.7 Mbps), China(18.3 Mbps) Japan(41.7 Mbps) and Sigapore(61.0 Mbps)

LTE Connection

Just last February 2014, Philippine also rank as the slowest LTE or Long Term Evolution connection  and Globe has the poorest coverage and slowest connection in the world by Opensignal.

According to the report, Australia has the fastest average LTE speeds in the world while the USA and the Philippines is the slowest.

Globe has the poorest coverage and slowest connection with 38% at a time among the 38 telecommunications network worldwide and was even described as "Worst Performing Network" according to the study. While Smart is at 6th with poorest coverage at 48%

Mambukal Mountain Resort - Murcia, Negros Occidental

Written By Danley Rubica on Thursday, April 17, 2014 | 5:41 AM

If you ask some local tourists in our country where they can find the best mountain resort in our country. We will always come up with the same answer, and its on the mountainous swimming resorts on Mount Makiling in Laguna. People have already tried it many times because of its easy accesibility in Manila but we found out this infamous mountain resort in the Visayan region in Negros Occidental. With its location on Mount Kanlaon, this resort named Mambukal Mountain Resort is one of the must-go locations when you're in Bacolod City or even in the Negros island.

The entrance at Mambukal Resort
The resort is located 1,200ft above sea level in the foot of Mount Kanlaon and serves as a gateway of the Mount Kanlaon Natural Park. The resort was originally built as a small bathhouse and garden by a Japanese named Kokichi Paul Ishiwata in 1927. It is accessible to Bacolod City by a 35-minute drive passing through the small town of Murcia before going up to the resort in the mountain.  The resort is known to its cold weather (due to the fact that it's on the mountainsides), hot springs, sulfur formations, and its cut through by a mountain stream coming from the seven waterfalls in Mount Kanlaon that leads to the lagoon in the center of the resort where visitors can go boating.
The hot sulfur dipping pool
©Mambukal website
The kiddie and adult pools
©Mambukal website
Mambukal also has its swimming pools dedicated for kids and adults alike. Included in their pool line up is their dipping pool where people can take a bath on the hot water spring of Mount Kanlaon. Aside from the swimming pools, there are also different activities in the resort like wall climbing, slide for life, and a visit to the orchid gardens of the resort (Known by locals as the Butterfly Garden). The final activity that can be done in the resort is the trek to the seven falls. Visitors can hire local guides which will guide them to a trek going upwards to pass the seven falls of the Mount Kanlaon. This trek is quite dangerous and tough especially in rainy days. There are previous records of deaths in this trek when the resort is still not yet fully developed at the past so visitors are strictly enforced to follow the guide's instructions and the signs on the mountain trail. Despite of the reputation of the trek to the seven falls, its a must try for first timer visitors of Mambukal.
Photo of one of the seven waterfalls that is on Mambukal Resort.
©Mambukal website
If you're in Bacolod City and you're looking out for a good hangout time, I suggest you try going to Mambukal. For more information about the rates, feel free to check out their official website 

US$ 23
one night
Location: Bacolod, Philippines
Customer Satisfaction 73%
All guests are free to use the hotel’s Dry cleaning/laundry service, Vehicle hire and Area shuttle (surcharge)...
More Information

Skyranch - Tagaytay City, Cavite

Written By Danley Rubica on Wednesday, April 16, 2014 | 6:33 AM

Many vacationers and some local based tourist may find Tagaytay City an alternative summer getaway place in place of Baguio City because of its cold-temperature that some weathermen say, almost as cold as Baguio City. Aside from many places to check out in Tagaytay City like Peoples Park in the Sky, and the Picnic Grove, you might as well want to check out this one of a kind amusement park in the city, called the Skyranch.

Skyranch is a well-sized leisure park in the heart of Tagaytay City owned and developed by SM with amusement rides and some fun and activities for kids and kids at heart. It is located at Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway beside the Taal Vista Hotel and overlooks the foggy view of Taal Volcano.

Travelers who wish to visit Skyranch might need be required to be ready for some large amounts of money before entering because the entrance fee in the park is priced at P100. That's the price for the entrance only, and the fees for the rides (including a mini roller coaster, a Viking ship, and a ferris wheel called the SkyEye) and activities (zipline and horseback riding) on the park is still not included on that entrance fee. Don't even forget that there is also a parking fee for visitors with private vehicles.

The park has a few rides to provide the visitors but the main attraction of the park is their super big ferris wheel called the Sky Eye. It is the biggest and tallest ferris wheel in the Philippines because of the location where it stands, on the edge of the cliff looking the Taal Volcano. You may never find your Skyranch experience complete without riding the ferris wheel because it will give the visitors a better view of the Taal Lake, the overlooking provinces of Laguna and Batangas, as well as the far view of Laguna De Bay and Manila Bay (Provided that the city is not foggy).  Be advised that riding the SkyEye, as well as the other rides and activities has its respective ticket fees as seen in the picture. The price for horseback ride (not shown in the photo provided) is priced at P250/30 minutes and the zipline at P250.

Skyranch is open everyday, with time schedules of 3pm to 12am during Mondays to Thursday and 12pm to 12am during Fridays to Sundays. The entrance fee is priced at P100 regular price, with discounts to students, senior citizens, and PWDs.

The only comment I can say to the administration of Skyranch is the individual fee of the entrance to the park. I (or also, other people who went to Skyranch already) can say that it is more convenient that it will be better that the entrance to the park will also cover the rides and the activities inside. With that suggested way of ticketing, it will be more convenient for visitors alike to visit the Skyranch more. Still, I say that this place in Tagaytay City is a must visit and pretty sure, will make anyone's Tagaytay experience complete.


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Woman Robbed During Life Interview in Brazil

Written By Roi Plata on Friday, April 11, 2014 | 10:06 AM

A reporter conducting a live interview and ask a woman if she is scared of all the crime in the center of Rio, Brazil, while answering a young man sneaks up from behind and rips the gold necklace from her neck.

The robber breaks the necklace but unable to get it from her before he runs off, the reporter even try to chase him but not able to keep up.

The city has an infamous reputation for its high crime rate, particularly in the favelas outside the main city where gangs and drugs dominate everyday life.

Tourists travelling to Brazil for this summer's World Cup are being warned to keep their wits about them, as criminals tend to see foreigners as easy targets, with rich pickings.

Brazilian authorities, including the army and police force, have tried to clean up crime ahead of the tournament -- but many feel that the operation has been something of a failure. 

Watch White Guy Orders at Jollibee in Deep Tagalog

Written By Roi Plata on Monday, March 31, 2014 | 8:04 PM

Tagalog speaking Aussie Chris Urbano (Host of Maputing Cooking) orders at Jollibee... in deep Tagalog. Watch as he inspires Jollibee employees to use more Filipino language - and even try to get a discount. Jollibee. - maputingcooking

His new video, titled White Guy Orders at Jollibee in Deep Tagalog uploaded last March 20, 2014 and already reach thousand hits in just 2 days. 

Chris Urbano is an Australian living in Manila, He owns the Youtube channel "maputingcooking", which he cook filipino food and match delicious Aussie wines to his dishes.

Watch ABS-CBN 2014 Summer Station ID "PINASmile"

The new summer station ID of ABS-CBN for 2014 officially launched last Sunday titled "PinasSmile".

According to the station, the new station ID aims to promote the Philippines unique travel destination that takes pride in the beauty of each region, the country's colorful culture and the stories behind the unique and infectious smile of Pinoys.

Filipinos will always choose to smile amidst hardships; we find happiness even in the small things. We know how to be grateful and remain positive. We believe in the goodness of others. Indeed, despite the calamities that severely damaged our country, the Filipino optimism shines through. - AbsCbnOnline
According to a news website 'Gallup', Philippines is one of the top 10 Happiest Country in the World

The new station ID showed various parts of the country such as Baguio, Batanes and Mt. Pinatubo.
The theme song of the new station ID was performed by Katryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla and featured Kapamilya stars and new personalities.
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The Days I Will Never Forget

Written By I Adrian on Saturday, March 29, 2014 | 1:58 AM

March is the International Women's History month but this post is not for women, but for all the people living with women with cancer.
Image from
My mother was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer back when I was child, that time I still don't have any idea what is happening, all I know is my mother never comes out of her room and her hair is starting to fall out. After months of chemotherapy she got better, she get back to her normal life, to our normal life, Like it was never happen, She still have monthly check ups but everything is fine.

Years have passed, Me and my other siblings are all grown ups, getting ready to face the real world and to settle down, I discover something that tested my faith. Our parents kept the secret that my mother is once again suffering from cancer, and this time a Stage 4 Bone Cancer.

This time is different, This time, I can see what is really happening, I can see everything. This is the time where my faith is being tested, this the time I questioned myself if God really exist. We tried our best to be a good Catholics, going to Mass every Sunday and holidays, My mother even volunteered in a social service after she got better from her previous cancer. This is the time I questioned God, Why us?

I remember the day when I brought my mother to hospital via ambulance, nothing more painful than seeing your mother lying in an ambulance bed. Not knowing what will happen I just sit in the end of car and just look all the cars we pass away.

I remember the day I carried my mother's oxygen tank to our car going to hospital for her therapy. I remember the day I help my mother walk because she can't stand alone anymore, I remember the day when I just hide and cry because I know there is nothing I can do.

I'm wrong, there is more that I can do. If my father never give up and do everything just to send my mother in a good hospital, there is something that I can do. If my aunt never give up to take care my mother when my father is at work and when we are at school, there is something that I can do. If my mother never give up for us and to be us again for more years, there is something that I can do.

The days when I see my mother's smile, seeing her getting stronger as days goes on are the days I will never forget. Reading her texts on my phone jut to know how am I doing are the days I will never forget. The days that everyone is there to support us and to be with us in this times of trials are the days I will never forget.

Life can be tough sometimes, But together with your family, it is just a piece of cake. For all sons, husbands, brothers and sisters, friends of people have cancer be strong for them. showing to them that everything is just going to be fine is the best support that we can give. Because sometimes, the best medicines are cannot be found in tablets and injections but with people who loved them most.

Years ago, my mother knocked out her Breast Cancer. Right now she is battling with her stage 4 Bone Cancer and guess what, She is winning.

My Say to "I'd Rather Go Hungry" Girl

Written By I Adrian on Wednesday, March 26, 2014 | 1:53 AM

Have you read the article "I Would Rather Go Hungry Than Eat Filipino Street Food Again? This is a review written by a travel blogger from Poland, Agness Walewinder. According to her website, is about travelling the world for less than $25 a day.

Many filipino netizens react negatively after reading the review. Personally, it did pisses me off not only with the one who wrote it but also to my fellow Filipino who had been asked  for a traditional breakfast and gave them a bunch of fruits, coffee and cakes filled with jam? seriously? Im just a normal Filipino but I never had an apple or banana for breakfast, maybe after eating my 'traditional breakfast' but not right after waking up. That is if she really asked someone for a traditional breakfast.

If you will ask me or any other Pinoy for a Filipino traditional breakfast, there some that will instantly pop in my head. Pandesal, Tuyo, Tinapa, Tapsilog or any meat that you like to mix with fried rice and egg. She probably ask a wrong person and eat in wrong places.

She also mentioned that she suffered a lot of illness while staying in the Philippines like massive migraine, diarrhea, dizziness, mood swing and feeling tired. Take note, she's a travel blogger, she travels a lot. Blaming the food for having PMS?

She posted a photo of a hot-dog sandwich which I'm pretty sure that is been bought in a convenience store. Filipino are not stupid to not know the difference between a hot-dog and longganisa. Making up a story? I think so.

Using my country to bring to attention to her blog is pathetic. After she received lot of comments and traffic on her previous post "Impression of Philippines" and realizing how proud and sensitive Filipino are. she take an advantage of it by criticizing the "traditional food".

I feel sorry for her for not having the best food in the country, or maybe she had but decided not to write a review about it because it will be a lot better traffic for her blog if she criticize it.


Written By Den V on Monday, March 24, 2014 | 11:39 PM

Every year, many hopefuls are very energetic for facing their somewhat called REALITY ZONE. There are challenges waiting for you.

Here are tips for patient entering in reality gate:
  1. Though graduation is the end of all your work and practiced skills, it is another beginning of dealing with the corporate world or the world you are to work what you learned.

  2. Common scenario is you will miss school. It’s a regret to rush your life as a student. Take time to live as a single-happy-living now. Still wait for the right time in everything.

  3. It’s not as easy to grab a job especially when you are getting opportunities on peak seasons. We can say that you are in a game of 1 vs 100. Waiting game is also essential here. Don’t just grab jobs just for salary. Aim for what you are passionate about.

  4. Your life would be tougher now. Considerations like in school are not possible anymore.Yet, be kind and also be competitive.

  5. It will not only be you. We know you want to solo your salary. But then again, let us not forget our parents or whoever who have supported us in our academic journey. We can help them in any way as possible.

  6. Your life is now at stake-and we mean your expense will not be from parents. Maybe at first, it would be hard to manage your own salary. But then again, like in school you should learn how to prioritize.  There are things that you should buy now and buy later.

  7. The greatest perks would be having a treat from a great hard work. Worth waiting. ^_^

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